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Hi I’m Neil Patmore, owner of Blue Spark Digital, a web design agency in Hampshire.

Fact: Research shows when people search Google for a business, they don’t just visit one website, they visit several sites before choosing who to contact. Most sites will have good web design elements that look great, but in most cases, only one site will get an email or telephone call.

So What’s The Difference Between The Website That Gets The Enquiry And The Rest That Don’t?

In order for your website to convince someone to make contact with you, it has to do something other than simply “look good.” It’s essential that your website is designed to SELL (and the sale is the enquiry on a lead generation website).

So many times I sit down with somebody for a consultation and they say “my website doesn’t do anything for me.” And the reason is, because most web designers in Hampshire focus on making a site look pretty, instead of results.

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    The Unfortunate Truth Most Hampshire Web Designers Don’t Want You To Know …

    These days, let’s face it, web design agencies in Hampshire are a “penny-a-dozen.” There’s plenty of WordPress themes available, along with drag and drop types of web design software, so with a little skill, it’s fairly easy for someone to say they’re a web designer and put a good looking website online. That would all be okay if a good looking website was the only thing needed to succeed (spoiler, it’s not!)

    What’s not so common however, are web designers who design websites for local Hampshire businesses, that are skillfully designed to get you new leads and new customers.

    Working with Blue Spark Digital (Hampshire’s premiere web designers), you not only get a web developer, but also a marketing expert working on your website. We approach your web design project not as an art project, but as a marketing project.

    Attract More Customers From Our “Marketing First” Web Dev Approach …

    There’s so much more involved in designing a website than just ‘pretty looks’ to get new customers. Our design process relentlessly focuses on achieving measurable results:

    1. Results. Over the years we have helped hundreds of local professionals and have personally witnessed what works (and also what doesn’t) on our client’s websites. We record these results continuously in our “things that work” secret swipe files.
    2. Psychology. It is critical to understand who your ideal customer is and what their buying cycle looks like, to designing a website that meets them where they are and guides them into taking the action that you want them to take. We need to ensure your new website “speaks” to your customers.
    3. Looks. After we understand what your desired results are (like phone calls) we then crawl into the mind of your perfect customer, and then we start designing a website that resonates with your perfect customer and reflects your brand.

    Website Designers With Vast Experience Of Local Trade & Service Based Businesses In Hampshire

    We can quickly design lead generation websites because of our focus on Hampshire businesses including local trade and service professionals like Roofers, Electricians, Accountants, Lawyers, IT Consultants, Storage, etc.

    We’ve designed 100’s of local business websites over the past 20 years and we have a ‘go to’ process that’s proven successful time and time again for local businesses. And because of our web development process and recipe for lead generation, we can build amazing websites that are extremely cost effective.

    Our Web Design Hampshire Websites Launch With All These Extras:

    Our “Two Thumbs Up” Design Guarantee

    An essential component in our Hampshire design process is your feedback and input. We will work closely with you to better understand your design idea, your brand, who your Perfect Client is and the results that you are expecting your website to achieve. Throughout the entire process, we will get feedback from you and share design ideas.

    SEO Ready

    Under the hood of our Hampshire web design, there is a lot of subtle SEO Power. How we configure and code our website has a significant impact on your search engine optimisation. Your website will come with numerous SEO best practices built-in whether you have purchased SEO services from us or not.

    Usability and Accessibility

    Increasingly, governments are requiring websites to adhere to official accessibility requirements and this is continuing to become a more important ranking factor for the SERPs. The custom WordPress themes that we create, as a standard, are WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant. In addition, we adhere to usability standards that help to provide your website with an intuitive, user-friendly feel.

    Team Approach

    There will be 3 ‘bods’ that work on your project: (1) the project manager bod, (2) the marketer bod, and (3) the designer bod. Your Hampshire website design greatly benefits from all three of them collaborating together with you to provide you with a much better website overall.


    Websites are probed by bots constantly searching for vulnerabilities. We have developed over the years a very extensive security protocol to toughen our website and your web server against attacks. We have never had any websites managed by us that have been successfully hacked despite numerous attempts. However, should that occur, we do have a robust back-up plan already in place to restore your website to full health very quickly.


    You can rest assured that we still have your back after your new website has gone live. Our website care plans offer both ticket and phone support to ensure you get the most out of your website. And there is never any limit to how many support requests you can open.


    On all of the websites that we design we offer a 90-day guarantee, and as long as you subscribe to one of our care plans, we will fix any ongoing bugs and system updates at absolutely no charge to you.

    Take A Look At Some Of Our Website Designs


    Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us:

    We recently commissioned Blue Spark Digital to redesign our website and we are very pleased with the result. Not only did they show a great understanding of user interaction and optimised page conversion, they have also developed a marketing strategy which is proving to be invaluable to our business. I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Spark in the future.

    Adam T

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