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Let Us Build And Implement An Integrated Internet Marketing Plan For Your Business.

“Neil and the team really helped us understand the importance of social media and how this helps raise our online profile. We do not have a shop front, so the importance of ‘getting out there’ in the digital world is paramount to our business. Neil’s knowledge in this area coupled with Blue Spark Digital’s web design experience has really helped our business to grow.”

Damian S, Retail Manager

Websites Alone Rarely Increase Revenue.
That’s Why We Do More Than Design.

When you contact Blue Spark Digital for a free web design or marketing strategy consultation, you’ll develop more than an understanding of aesthetic sensibilities because, as a full service agency, we realise that web design is only a part of the marketing puzzle.

Working with Blue Spark Digital opens the opportunity to take advantage of our tested, proven, tweaked, and re-tested methods of driving traffic, increasing conversion rates, and building relationships with prospects and customers that turn your marketing investment into new business.

And while other agencies might make your business the “test bed” for their brand-new marketing ideas…

We’ve Tested, Proven, And Re-Tested The Strategies We’ll Use To Build Your Business. Here’s How…

Blue Spark Digital operates a group of test bench websites in a variety of niches. Each and every day, we use these websites to try, test, and critique new ideas on the cutting edge of internet marketing strategy.

Our philosophy is simple… There’s no reason to apply unproven strategies to your business if proven marketing methods exist.

That’s exactly why we maintain a portfolio of test sites to…

  • Implement innovative traffic generation strategies
  • Test the limits of social media advertising
  • Discover what’s working right now without risk
  • Create and tweak our own bespoke CMS solutions
  • Prove new ideas before applying them to your business
  • And find out for ourselves what is guaranteed to grow your profit

In the past year, we’ve developed a series of stand-alone test businesses that make six figures alone simply as our part-time test playground. So ask yourself…

How Many Other Full Service Web Design Agencies Create, Implement And Develop Their Own Strategies?

The clear answer is, “not many.”

And, hopefully, this is where you can see the Blue Spark Digital difference at work.

Marketers are constantly suggesting new traffic generation techniques that operate in theory but fail to work in the real world. Countless gurus can dictate and describe digital sales funnels to automate lead generation and increase conversion…

And, if you want to, you can apply these un-tested or out-of-date principles to your business. When you’re done, we’ll be waiting here, ready to develop a modern marketing plan that actually works.

Unfortunately, what we can’t do, is repair your reputation with Facebook after your advertising account is shunned for shady social media marketing tactics that Facebook allowed last month but shut off today.

And we can’t convince Google to unban your AdWords account after you let black-hat traffic generation techniques destroy your digital advertising reputation.

We’ve seen these mistakes before… and trust us, you don’t want to make them.

When you work with Blue Spark Digital on strategy, you get only what works (today) and none of the worn out strategies that lazy marketers just learned yesterday .

If You Want Wide-Eyed Theory, We’re Not For You.

For Proven Marketing And Lead Generation Strategy, Contact Us To Book A Strategy Session

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