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What’s The Difference Between A Website That Looks Great And A Website That Looks Great AND Returns On Your Investment?



I’m Neil Patmore, full time web design revolutionary, and the lead architect of your next digital marketing campaign. 🙂

After working for creative agencies who billed clients for “innovative design” while ignoring the real challenges of internet marketing, I decided to break away and form my own web design and digital marketing agency.

In 2009, Blue Spark Digital was born out of desire to do more than build websites. Sure, you work with me and my team to create a website that looks great.

But with the Blue Spark focus on conversion rate optimisation, traffic generation, and digital marketing strategy, you’ll also learn to develop a web property and presence that returns your investment over and over.

That is what you’ll come to know as…

The Blue Spark Digital Difference

Full Service Digital Marketing Strategy, Implementation And Design Focused On Your Results

Your website visitors don’t care about the look of your website and most of the time, they aren’t even going to read the words that you write on it. That’s not good news if you want to generate leads, qualify leads, and build a relationship with prospects.

But, over and over again, you’re told that the look, feel, and style of your website means everything and words like the ones you are reading now are what will make you more money.

Ready for the truth …?

Without A Marketing Strategy, Your Website Is Useless.

Don’t believe me?

Think about this…

You wouldn’t even be here right now, and you definitely wouldn’t be reading these words, if the Blue Spark Digital marketing strategy that brought you here didn’t work.

The important part here isn’t the content marketing strategy, the dynamic retargeting, or the market research principles that combined to work together with this website and get you to ask us for help with your web design and digital marketing strategy. The important part is this…

If you don’t have a digital strategy for…

  • Building Your Authority
  • Prospect Relationship Building
  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Automated Lead Qualification
  • Or Social Media Marketing

You don’t need to have a beautiful website. In fact (and I’ll get to this in a minute), you don’t need to have a website at all.

Take a minute to step back with me and think about the “theory” of why people will do business with you.

You’re About To Discover Why Turning Traffic Into Leads And Leads Into Clients Has Nothing (And Everything) To Do With Web Design…

This is also the exact reason we believe in an integrated approach to web design and marketing…

People don’t do business with you because of your website.

You turn traffic into customers when your website and marketing strategy work together, as cogs in a cohesive traffic-to-lead-conversion machine.

And to design an effective marketing machine, you need an agency that will understand every part of the marketing, design, and development process or help you build that process from the ground up.

It’s the reason why we’ve developed our own custom CMS, with completely fool proof methods of traffic generation that you won’t find anywhere else, and an integrated approach to web design and marketing.

Like Most Web Design Teams, We Can Build You Just Another Website (that’s if you have strategy handled)

We’d Rather Build You A Web Presence That Sells

Book A Call With Me Today, Ask For Our Help Growing Your Business, And Learn Why Web Design And Integrated Marketing Matter

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